A catalog is a publication where the products or services that a company has been made known, in an orderly, clear and attractive manner. The importance of the catalog is that it is the meeting point between the company and customers. Catalogs The poster is a technique for disseminating information that can reach a large audience without the need to invest large resources. Its communicative possibilities depend, to a great extent, on its technical quality, aesthetic quality, and its proper location. Posters Professional photography for Editorial, Architecture, Sports, Documentary, Business, Fashion, Product. Photography The brochures designed by experts is an unbeatable weapon to approach the mass public and demonstrate that a company has a real existence, in a world in which relationships seem to become increasingly abstract and intangible. Brochures The importance of illustration is based on logos and figures that through vectors offer the possibility of making cartoon characters or even create your own. They form a basic part in the medium of visual editing and communication. Illustration Having an adequate Graphic Identity is paramount for every company because the graphic image is what is remembered and associated with the company. Differentiating the company from the rest of the competition, transmitting a series of values ​​that will remain in the mind of the consumer during the life of the company, is not only a consequence of a good communication campaign but is part of the company's own brand. Corporate Identity A book is a pleasure, it is the union with something that is linked to learning and wanting to understand, that is why in Via et Ordine we dare to give the perfect touch in writing, and design, for the reader to see in his book something more than work and authorship. Books The image of a company must be its most important issue. The companies have public relations departments and experts that work for their image. These departments help to project the company's objectives to the community and to potential consumers. The logo must do the same but in very small packaging. Logotypes The letter is an element that should never be underestimated because it presents the gastronomic proposal, graphic design and its writing, it must also be consistent with the brand identity to invite the diner to taste their dishes. Menus The texts, sounds, images, animations, videos, graphics, illustrations, and photos; With all its possible combinations and introducing interactivity, to perfection, we are talking about Multimedia Design. A multimedia design facilitates the explanation or development of a topic since it involves more senses, is more dynamic and innovative. Multimedia The main function of advertising is to familiarize the potential consumer with the product, its name, the producer and the advantages of the purchase, as well as inform the point of sale of the item. It also aims to encourage the sale of distributors while maintaining clientele and attracting new consumers. Advertising Journals, both physical and online, have become a powerful tool for getting information to educational, professional, personal and/or commercial sectors. Its importance lies in that according to the theme of the same covers current issues and others that, although they have already been read, remain in force and transmit information to the reader. In short, the magazine forms educates, entertains and informs the reader. Magazines Signage studies the relationships between the signs of orientation in space and the behavior of individuals. It responds to the need for orientation of social mobility and public and private services. Signage The importance of typography within a design is such that, just by changing the type of font, we can give another context to the message we want to present or a different sensation or meaning. Typography Nowadays billboards are a good option to publicize a product or a service. They have become very common in the streets of cities or in the interurban roads and make the spectator focus their attention on them while they wait on the road. Fences