Privacy Notice

You can browse our website without providing personal data, however, there are certain sections within it where you can voluntarily provide your data. Your data can be collected in different situations, for example, when you decide to provide us with your resume, by sending us an email, by registering to receive information of interest or our newsletter, as well as those you provide us with in view of establishing a relationship commercial, for example. The personal data that we can collect belong to the following categories:

Identification data: name, home address, date of birth, landline and / or mobile number, fax, email, image.
Academic data: educational path, title, professional identification number, specialty, certificates.
Labor information: position, address, email, landline or mobile number and fax.
Billing information: entity to which the charge will be made, fiscal address, RFC.
Financial data: bank account information, payment method.
By providing us with your data, we inform you of the provisions of articles 8 and 17 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, which establish:

“Article 8.- All processing of personal data will be subject to the consent of its owner, except for the exceptions provided by this Law.

The consent will be expressed when the will is expressed verbally, in writing, by electronic means, optical or by any other technology, or by unambiguous signs.

It will be understood that the owner tacitly consents to the processing of their data, when having made the privacy notice available to them, does not state their opposition.

The financial or patrimonial data will require the express consent of the owner, except for the exceptions referred to in articles 10 and 37 of this Law.

The consent may be revoked at any time without retroactive effects. To revoke the consent, the person in charge must, in the privacy notice, establish the mechanisms and procedures for this. ”

“Article 17.- The privacy notice must be made available to the owners through printed, digital, visual, sound or any other technology, as follows:

When the personal data has been obtained personally from the owner, the privacy notice must be provided at the time in which the data is collected clearly and reliably, through the formats by which they are collected, unless the notice in advance, and
When personal data is obtained directly from the owner by any electronic, optical, audio, visual, or any other technology, the responsible party must immediately provide the holder with at least the information referred to in sections I and II. of the previous article, as well as providing mechanisms so that the owner knows the full text of the privacy notice. ”

Reason why by granting us your data and granting your consent, all administrative, technical and physical security measures will be carried out to protect your personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or processing , for which it authorizes and expresses its consent for the processing of your personal data.


As long as you do not express opposition in the terms established herein, it will be understood that by providing us with your Personal Data, you accept the conditions of the treatment described in this Privacy Notice.